New books: Data Analysis and Calculus Made Easy

Two new books arrived from Bookdepository.

Data AnalysisCalculus made easy

Data Analysis Calculus made easy My story with "Calculus made easy" is a bit special. I was computing teacher for old people in a Spanish foundation years ago. One of my students was a retired civil engineer with which I spend long hours talking about science and maths.

One day he told me that he was looking for an old book he used in the 1950's to learn Calculus, a book written by Sylvanus P. Thomson that was inscredible. After searching for it in Google and Amazon we found the title and he was thrilled when we found the book. I was curious about that book and found it one of the best books for learning maths. Now, finally, I've my own copy of the great work of Sylvanus P. Thomson: Calculus made easy.

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