I recently "converted" to the kettlebell school of fitness. To be honest I was skeptical at first about kettlebells and what they could deliver, but trapped during the 2020's lockdown I decided to give them a try.

Oh boy! As of July 2020 I have been doing kettlebell workouts nearly daily for 4 months and I am even trying to convince other people to try working out with kettlebells.

But kettlebells are demanding. It's not just the strength needed, but the technical side of doing ballistic exercises could be a blocker for most people trying to work out at home.

Lucky for me I found out two invaluable resources (that hopefully will be still available you read this) in Youtube: Mark Wildman and Lebe Stark videos.

Mark Wildman is a non-BS personal trainer that has released a large number of high quality videos on the fundamentals of kettlebell training. He is a true believer in strength over body building and on the nuances of good technique. Here are some of his most important videos:


And not Lebe Stark. To be honest I don't remember how I found about this Youtube channel! But they have the best kettlebell workouts out there, in real time, of around 20~30 minutes. Nice music, you can see the time in the background and feels like working out in a gym! No talking, just working hard. By the way, their gym is in Switzerland and they talk in German, but it doesn't really matters. If you have learned the technique with Mark Wildman, just do the exercises his way, but following Lebe Start work outs. It works amazingly well for me. Some of my favorite work outs:

Hope you enjoy!