Dlang: how to get the length of a SList or DList

D language developers decided that those structures are so simple that they should not maintain any kind of state. As a consequence you need to relay on external functions for finding out their length: import std.container; import std.range; import std.stdio; void main(string[] args) { auto data = SList!double(); data.insert(1); data.insert(2); writeln(walkLength(data[])); }

Icarians and Shakers, two approaches different results

A not very well know part of the history of the United States is that of the communes started there in their beginnings. I learnt about them thanks to Antonio Escohotado’s book «Los Enemigos del Comercio II: una historia moral de la propiedad». Icarians were wealthy, posh, socialists, utopians and educated. Shakers were religious, hard workers, were escaping […]

30 Free Essays & Stories by David Foster Wallace on the Web

We started the week expecting to publish one David Foster Wallace post. Then, because of the 50th birthday celebration, it turned into two. And now three. We spent some time tracking down free DFW stories and essays available on the web, and they’re all now listed in our collection of Free eBooks. But we didn’t want them to escape […]